Xe đồ chơi Paw Patrol’s

Xe đồ chơi Paw Patrol’s

Xe đồ chơi Paw Patrol’s

1,750,000 VNĐ




With its colorful and vibrant profile the Paw Patroller Ride-On helps your child save the day on Adventure Bay. This ride-on designed to look just like the Paw Patroller from the show. It includes Chase and Marshall sculpted mini vehicles for added value!Chase and Marshall are revved up and ready to race on the Paw Patroller Ride On to see who will win! Fold down the front of the ride-on and line up the Chase and Marshall race cars at the top. Press the button and watch Chase and Marshall zoom down to the finish line. Includes real Paw Patrol™ phrases, sound effects and two cubbies for the two sculpted mini race cars. This awesome ride-on offers so many ways to play! Push yourself around the action just like the Chase, or unfold the seat to race Marshall down the built in ramp!

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